For quite some time now, we've been planning to make our courseware available under a CC license. We're happy to announce that we've finally gotten around to make good on those intentions. To get the courseware, just visit the pages describing our classes and click on the "Courseware" thumbnail. You'll find both the original version of the document and a PDF version:

Why are we doing this?

First, we've already been sharing a lot of our content through Slideshare, though not under a CC-type license, and the demand for that material has exceeded all our expectations. So it was our sense that there's a solid need for quality documentation on the topics we cover.

Second, we believe that the value of a class, a workshop or a talk is derived from providing instructors recognised as leading experts in their field, not the courseware. Our instructors are not only recognised for their technical achievements, but they are active public speakers at international conferences and forums with an exceptional ability and passion for sharing their knowledge. Our instructors' value is especially prized during our class' hands-on sessions, which occupy more than half of class time, since they are able to pull on their vast experience in assisting attendees in isolating the source of issues they encounter and explaining the underlying theory and wider context pertaining to that topic.

Third, we think it's great for past students to continue having access to the latest version of the courseware they used. Whether it be for keeping up-to-date or explore new material, future versions of our class material will always be available to you.

Fourth, our company was built on and lives in the open source ecosystem. Sharing is fundamental to what we do every day.

For all these reasons, it seemed logical to go to the next step and make our content available. We wish you'll find good use for it and welcome any feedback. Just drop us an email at: