Through the past 10 years, Opersys' website has gone through some rather profound transformations. This version you are visiting is based on Drupal and features a highly customized template. We are very happy of the result and welcome any input you might have on making our site better.

If you are looking for some of our older content, here are a few pointers which we weren't able to easily relocate:

You will notice that pages that point to static html files (ending with .html) have a rather odd/different layout than the rest of the site. This is due to the fact that these files have been rendered as-is by an older, custom-made content management system that we used previously for our site. Now that we've moved to Drupal, that older framework has been obsoleted. However, there was too much material of value to throw everything away and too little to warrant writing custom migration scripts. So we simply strapped as much of the new look and feel onto the old static content to make it available. We apologize for any quirks you may have to deal with because of this transition. Fortunately all new content is generated within Drupal and therefore the older content should eventually reach an end of life in due time.