Linux Trace Toolkit Reference Manual
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6.3 Dump To File window

    Selecting the "Dump to File" Command from the File menu displays the following:

Figure 1: Dump to file window, Process-related options displayed

    This is used to write a report to disk, including analysis of the data. Various options can be selected to customize the generated report.

    Specify the file to dump to in the "Dump to file" entry field. The Browse button will display the GTK+ file selection window. Any file-related errors will be reported in the main window's status bar.

6.3.1 Process options

    Clicking on the Processes tab, as in figure 1, will display the process-related options. These are:

6.3.2 Event options

    Selecting the Events tab will display the following choices:

Figure 2: Dump to file window, Event-related options selected

6.3.3 SMP options

    LTT supports tracing of events that occurred on multiple processors. File dumping options related to this feature can be selected under the SMP tab:

Figure 3: Dump to file window, SMP-related options selected

Your choices are: 6.3.4 Other options

    A number of other options are available through the Options tab as shown on Figure 4:

Figure 4: Dump to file window, other options selected

    Each of these check boxes allows to:

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Linux trace toolkit Dump to file window