Linux Trace Toolkit    Downloads

This is the stable version: TraceToolkit-0.9.5a.tgz

The layout of the package is as follows (starting from the TraceToolkit-x.y.z directory) :

More details are given in the documentation section about the installation of LTT and the different script files.

Old stable versions :

Development versions :
pre-0.9.6 series:

pre-0.9.5 series:

pre-0.9.4 series:

Pre-compiled 2.2.14 kernel with trace patch for LTT 0.9.3 :

I assume you know how to use lilo. The ".config" was used to compile the given kernel.

Sample trace files:
These sample trace files are readable with LTT 0.9.3 only.
out301.tgz: A trace of processes using the LXRT subsystem of RTAI. This is a fairly complex trace.
out302.tgz: A trace of a command-line Linux with a couple of commands issued such as 'dir', 'ps' and 'man'. This is fairly simple.

This is in case you don't feel playing around with kernel patching, lilo, modules, devices, daemons, etc. but still want to see the front-end in action. Each of these archives contains 2 files, a ".trace" file and a ".proc" file. Both are needed to view a trace graphically. More information can be found in the documentation section.