Linux Trace Toolkit    Documentation

  • Linux Trace Toolkit reference manual
    This is the main LTT documentation. It contains all the necessary information to get LTT up and running. The different options available at the command line for the trace daemon and decoding front-end are given. An explanation of the different capabilities of the graphic front-end are also given.

  • Measuring and Characterizing System Behavior Using Kernel-Level Event Logging
    This is an in-depth explanation of the internals of LTT and of it's impact on the system it is tracing. This paper was first presented at the 2000 Usenix Annual Technical Conference as part of the main refereed track and, as such, is part of the conference proceedings. If you want to know how LTT works or want to know what it's doing to your system or how come it is so precise, then this is the place to start. That said, a great deal of thanks go out to Yoon Ho Park for his reviews and gidance. The quality of this paper wouldn't have been the same without his efforts.

  • Analyse de performance et charactérisation de comportement à l'aide d'enregistrement d'événements noyaux
    This is Karim Yaghmour's masters thesis and describes all the background research behind LTT, its architecture and its performance. It is quite thorough and ... it is all in french. Be it fortunately or unfortunately, this had to be in french for administrative reasons. If french isn't your sport, try the Usenix paper above. It is a very good summary of this thesis.

  • Process Tracing with the Linux Trace Toolkit
    This is an article by Ramaya, et al. published in Sys Admin magazine providing a hands-on explanation on the use of LTT with 2.6.x kernels.

  • Desired features list
    This list was put together by Richard Moore (IBM) by looking at the existing tracing tools and the desired features for Linux tracing.

  • Lots of other documentation ...
    As part of promoting LTT, Opersys inc. has presented technical papers about LTT at many conferences and in many publications. Opersys' website contains all the published articles, online material and conference presentations done about LTT (and there are quite a few ...)