Android Builders Summit

The first Android Builders Summit took place last week. I had one talk and one keynote scheduled, on "Android Internals" and "Porting Android" respectively. The talk ended up almost as a keynote given that there were too many people to fit in the regularly-scheduled room. The event was scheduled back-to-back with this year's Embedded Linux Conference. Both events were great ... and sold out.

AnDevCon Slides

The first AnDevCon is now over. What an amazing event it was. A lot of great content and, most importantly, a very knowledgeable crowd. The event literally sold out.

I was lucky enough to sneak in three presentations and I wasn't disappointed. The crowd was fantastic, providing key feedback and extra information. It's one thing to deliver a lecture. Yet another to have the folks attending participate at their best. Thanks to everyone that was there, these presentations were all the better because of you.

Android Internals - Nov. 3rd

This is the Android internals presentation I gave at Android Montreal last Nov. 3rd. The crowd was amazing. They had lots of great questions and insight, often filing in the blanks. I still owe those that attended answers to a few questions. I'll put those together in an upcoming post.