Karim J. Yaghmour

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Karim J. Yaghmour is part serial entrepreneur part unrepentant geek. His experience combines a unique mix of mobile, embedded and kernel background with enterprise and web2.0/consumer-oriented Rich Internet Application development. Karim is the author of O’Reilly’s Embedded Android and Building Embedded Linux Systems, which sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and have been translated into several different languages.

Karim has provided training to companies such as: Motorola, Panasonic, NSA, BAE Systems, Conexant, Symbol, Scientific-Atlanta, and Karl Suss Gmbh. Some of Karim’s recent mandates include leading development teams delivering products based on a variety of different platforms (.NET/Windows, BlackBerry, Linux, Drupal, Lotus Notes), technologies (Ajax, SQLite, PostgreSQL, CSS/HTML, jQuery/jQueryUI, ActiveDirectory/LDAP, MAPI, WebBrowser object) and programming languages (C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, C++).

Having been an early believer in the power of open source, Karim pioneered the world of Linux tracing by introducing the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) in the late ’90s. He continued maintaining LTT through 2005 and was joined in this effort by developers from several companies, including IBM, HP, and Intel. LTT users included: Google, IBM, HP, Oracle, Alcatel, Nortel, Ericsson, Qualcomm, NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Sony, Samsung, NEC, Fujitsu, SGI, RedHat, Thales, Oerlikon, Bull, Motorola, ARM, ST Micro, Infineon, WindRiver, MontaVista, Scientific-Atlanta, Wipro and Autodesk. Other contributions include relayfs and Adeos.

Karim has presented and published as part of a number of peer-reviewed scientific conferences, magazines and online publications, including Usenix, the Linux Kernel Summit, the Embedded Linux Conference, the Embedded World Conference, the Android Builders Summit, AnDevCon, the Embedded Systems Conference, AndroidOpen, the Ottawa Linux Symposium, LinuxJournal, the O’Reilly Network and the Real-Time Linux Workshop. Karim holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal.