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Two Decades of Embedded Expertise

Opersys specializes in Embedded Android and Embedded Linux, delivering a very targeted set of training and development offerings to its customer base. Our services are tailored with a keen eye towards development teams’ most precious assets: time and resources. It’s our mission to maximize our customers’ ability to deliver outstanding products on time and on budget.

Having started as a development and consulting operation, Opersys expanded early on into training with unique classes and seminars delivered by world-class instructors. Over the last two decades, Opersys has had the privilege of working with companies such as IBM, Intel, Motorola and other such Fortune 500s on a variety of different mandates.

Opersys was founded in 1999 by Karim J. Yaghmour who pioneered the world of Linux tracing with the introduction of the Linux Trace Toolkit in the late 90’s and later went on to write O’Reilly’s seminal Building Embedded Linux Systems, which sold several tens of thousands of copies world-wide and has become a de-facto reference for embedded Linux developers. In the early 2010s, Karim once again revolutionized the embedded world by writing O’Reilly’s Embedded Android, which was the first title to cover the intricacies of Google’s extremely successful mobile OS, and went on to become the de-facto reference for anyone doing internals work on Android.

It’s our strong belief that delivering bleeding edge services requires being part of those building the ecosystem we serve. This is why we actively contribute to the open source community through a number of projects, forums and conferences.

Opersys looks forward to working with you on your Embedded projects.

Some of the organizations we’ve had the privilege to serve :

IBM – HP – Motorola – Intel – Panasonic – IBM – HP – Motorola – Intel – Panasonic – ST Microelectronics – Conexant – MontaVista – Suss – Nortel – Bull – DRS Technologies – Eicon – ADIC – Goodyear
We would like to thank the following for allowing us to build on their shoulders:
  • The Free and Open Source Software community for making it possible to benefit from a pool of amazing software that can be customized in a variety of different ways to serve customers’ needs.
  • The Linux kernel development team for delivering an ever-evolving, yet incredibly versatile operating system kernel.
  • The GNU project for making the lives of developers saner by providing an impressive development suite.
  • Google for the efforts it is putting in pushing Android forward, and for making it available under an open source license.
  • Drupal and all its sub-projects for an exceptionally powerful CMS. This website if happily run on Drupal.
We would also like to acknowledge the use of the following creative material:
  • The Android logo: made available by Google under a cc-by license. The specific version we are using is made available by Wikipedia here. More info about the Android logo is provided by Irina Blok.
  • The Linux logo (a.k.a. “Tux”): originally created by Larry Ewig and made available under a license similar to cc-by. The specific version we are using is made available by Wikipedia here.

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Embedded Expertise Since 1999