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Two of our most advanced classes are now available in a combined 5-day format for your convenience. This class will enable you to learn about AOSP Debugging and Performance Analysis as well as Android Security Internals, which are usually 2 separate 3-day classes, in a single run.

For years both classes have been a huge hit with our corporate customers, often being offered in a combined form to private groups. We are happy to publicize the combined format to make it known to a wider audience, be it for a private run or for public sessions.

For a full list of topics covered as well as outlines and courseware, please consult each class’ respective page:

Next live online class: To be announced

This class is given by :

Karim J. Yaghmour

Karim J. Yaghmour, author of O’Reilly’s Embedded Android and Building Embedded Linux Systems. In addition to having taught engineering teams from several brand-name companies and organizations, Karim has made a number of key open source contributions such as the Linux Trace Toolkit, relayfs and the Adeos ipipe.  // SEE FULL BIO

This class is intended for experienced Android platform developers who want to master Android security internals and AOSP debugging and performance analysis. Namely, developers wanting to:
  • Debug SELinux/SEAndroid policy issues
  • Create new SELinux/SEAndroid policies
  • Implement secure boot
  • Understand the AOSP’s build-time security configurations
  • Debug existing or custom system services or framework components
  • Isolate performance problems within the stack
  • Follow codepaths from the app layer all the way down to the kernel
  • Set breakpoints in Java code and follow into the corresponding native C code
  • Find out the best way to browse/edit the AOSP
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Linux command line experience
  • Linux kernel or device driver experience
  • Android internals experience


We really mean it when we say that this class is for experienced Android platform developers. If you’ve never worked within the AOSP nor in Android’s internals, we very highly suggest you take our Embedded Android class first. Even if you feel you have the requisite knowledge, we recommend you take a look at that class’ material (click on “Courseware” to download it from that class’ page) and make sure you are comfortable with that material.

We do NOT have the time to cover the basics in this Advanced Android Platform Topics class. You are fully responsible for making sure you are able to attend and follow this class. We will not issue refunds if you aren’t able to follow.


PRICING: $2,795/student. Contact us for a private group session quote. All prices in USD. EU customers **MUST** email us their VAT ID to complete their registration.

ATTENDANCE: 24 students max.

LOCATION: Live online


  • Attendees must use a powerful PC for the class. You must make sure it is at the very top range of what the manufacturer provides in terms of speed and performance (2020+ or newer Octa-core i7, i9 or better). The AOSP is a very demanding piece of software in terms of build requirements and you will NOT be able to follow if you laptop is not up to spec. Make sure you have at least 32GB of RAM, 500GB of free space on an SSD, are running 64-bit Ubuntu natively (i.e. not in a virtual machine) and have full root/sudo access.
  • In order to connect to the live online session, you’ll need to have webcam, a headset with microphone and a very solid network connection. We teach to body-language, so if you don’t have a properly-functioning webcam, we reserve the right to refuse you entry into the session.
  • During the hands-on sessions, we use Google’s Android Cuttlefish target (emulator).

COURSEWARE: All our courseware is available under CC-BY-SA 3.0; just click on the above “Courseware” thumbnail to download it.

SCHEDULE: Classes run from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time, with breaks in the morning, at lunch and in the afternoon.

PAYMENT: Opersys accepts all major credit cards, wire transfers and corporate checks drawn on US banks in US funds.

CONFIRMATION:  Classes will be confirmed to run by email no later than two weeks prior to start date, subject to minimum attendance numbers. It’s probably best to wait for our confirmation email prior to booking travel arrangements.

POLICIES: Students must register and pay all tuition fees prior to class start. Registrations cannot be canceled, though we will do our best to accommodate your situation. Class cancellations are uncommon, but, were they to occur, you would be notified as soon as possible and your tuition fees would be refunded in full.